Corporate law services

The Corporate world has to shape their company and carry out their business functions with the rules and regulations as prescribed by law of this land, India. Leintelligensia not only specializes in Intellectual property law but also provide legal support to all types of companies by specializing in Corporate Law Services.


Intellectual property law is one of the aspects covered under corporate legal solutions, there are various other aspects covered included. The main aspects of Corporate law, starts from company formation to carrying out the business functions (by registering under appropriate license) along with protection of their intellectual property. Once a company started to function there are aspects such as maintaining accounts and taxpaying, agreements to describe their terms and conditions of business.

Hence the following areas are the important aspects of corporate law

  • Company formation services
  • Registration for carrying out business functions
  • Agreements governing the terms and conditions of business

These three valuable aspects require appropriate legal support for each and every company by legal experts. These three aspects are discussed in-depth in the sub-category pages.