Intellectual Property Services

The world is now running behind latest technologies & advanced features to live a sophisticated life. The primary aim of a technology is to save time, effort and give what the customer want in a preferred format. This vision, intelligence and hard work of one’s intelligence or team work is manifested as the technology. To encourage and protect the technology & the creator(s), the Intellectual property law emerged. The importance of Intellectual Property law was realized by many countries only in 20th century after this the world is moving towards Knowledge economy. Many International treaties were signed between developed and developing countries to enhance this law and protect the rights.

Property law gives right to an individual / organization to possess their movable or immovable assets he has earned. This Property law can be seen and is a material right.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property law gives exclusive right to an individual / organization upon their work created for period of time and this right protects one’s property arising out of their own intelligence.

What all can be a part of IP Law?

Intellectual property law covers the process and outcome of one’s intellect in the fields like industrial, scientific, music, artistic and literary. Bringing in such laws will help to promote fair trading and this will contribute to economic development of the country. Many countries are enacting such laws now to give legal rights to the moral and economic rights of the creator for a limited period of time and also the right of the public to access such creation. The IP Law grants monopoly rights to a creator for a limited period of time, to have control on his creation and gain monetary benefit.

To enhance the growth of Intellectual property law the World Trade Organization (WTO) proposed a treaty called TRIPS Agreement (“Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights”) in 1994. This international agreement gave the norms and standard to be followed by members of WTO for regulating the Intellectual property in each country. This agreement is governing the International trading set-up till date. Many developing countries implemented this as a mandatory law only after TRIPS Agreement.

An International Organization called “WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION” (WIPO) was created, to cover all the Intellectual Property in all the countries. This organization is a specialized agency of United Nations and was formed & put into practice with a motive to encourage new creative activity, novel ideas, to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world. 183 countries are members to this organization now and WIPO controls 25 international treaties related to IP law.

Types of Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property law covers a wide range of novel ideas, processes and intangible rights of the idea creator or team. They can be grouped under different categories as mentioned below,

Among the seven, first five types are the main types of IP law, the last two evolved due to development in IP rights.

Let us see the scope and coverage of each type of Intellectual Property in detail.