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It gives you the right to stop others from copying the invention

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You can avoid competition in your business

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You get the authority to license others and enjoy Royalty

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WHAT IS PATENT​ - patent filing agents


A patent registration or patent filing refers to the right bestowed to a person or an organization. A patent registration agent will help you to register your patent. Patent registration is for those who want to protect their innovation or advance technology.

That could be used across any particular industry or a scientific process. It is very relevant in the field of medical sciences. it is necessary to register their patent in the patent office in India. 

This type of such a process or formula was hitherto not present.

In legal parlance, it is a set of special privileges accorded to a person for his invention. It is for a stipulated period of time.


There are three pre-requisites for an invention to be awarded a patent.

They are:

  • The invention must be new (Novelty)
  • The invention should have an Inventive Step (non-obviousness)
  • Capable of Manufactured (Industrial Applicability)


There are various benefits of obtaining a patent filing for your invention. Let’s see the common and basic advantages of patent registration in India.

Check it out below!

Legal protectioN

Patent Registration in India will provide legal protection for your invention.

The grant of a patent gives a monopoly to the inventor. So, that inventor gets the right to take legal action against any third party.

our patent filing agent will patent your invention. therefore, no one can use your invention without your permission.

More profit

When you are a monopoly in your market by way of holding patent for a specific product, you have the liberty to fix the price for your product in the market.

There would not be any competition for the patented product because it is unique in the market.

Start your own business

There are many schemes and grants from Central Government as well as state government for innovative startups.

Once such scheme is Start-up India which benefits the Innovative Startups by enabling them to avail subsidies, funding and even tax benefits.

BENEFITS OF PATENT REGISTRATION​ - patent registration in india

Economic benefits

Easy money is possible for patent holders. This is possible by way of granting a license of your patent to some manufacturers. From that you can enjoy a royalty.

Furthermore, you can even make money by simply assigning all your rights over your invention


Various Governmental and Non-governmental organizations are providing remarkable awards to inventors in order to promote innovations in the country.

A patent holder can nominate themselves for the awards and by that they get a huge visibility and recognition.

Easy Employment

If you are a student and if you invent any invention in as your final year project, you can apply for patent and you can add the information in your resume.

By doing this simple thing, you stand alone in the campus interview. You get a maximum chance for getting selected in the campus interview.

How to Register a Patent in India

The process for the registration of a patent by the patent filing agents is not a simple task, it requires both technical and legal writing skill.
If there is any deviation or defect in the application, there is a high chance of you losing the right.
So, it is advisable to get some assistance from a well-experienced patent lawyer before filing a patent application.

Here we have explained about the process of patent registration in India in detail.
The entire process of patenting by the patent filing agents
is called “online patent registration.”

HOW TO REGISTER A PATENT IN INDIA​ - patent registration in india

Step 1: Check the patentability of the invention

Before applying for patent registration, the first step that we need to take is to submit for patent prior art search. The patent drafting service will help you to bypass this process with proper verification.

This process would not only helpful to understand the novelty of the invention but also to identify the novel features of the invention that we had invented.

Furthermore, to understand whether the invention fulfills the basic requirements of the patent act of the patent office in India
, we need to analyze the same.

If we fail to conduct a prior art search, we may lose our time and money on some inventions which cannot be patented.  

Step 2: Submit necessary Forms

Once the patent search report is positive and we get a strong recommendation from the patent registration agent Regarding the possibility of registration, we can go further for the submission of the necessary application for registration. 

The necessary forms for the registration of a patent are Forms 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are the forms that need to be submitted while applying for patent registration in India.

The form should contain information about the inventor and owner of the patent.

Further, we need to mention the title of the invention too. Along with this, we need to submit the patent specification to a patent office in India.

Submit necessary Forms for patent registration in india
Specification of patent - patent office in india

Step 3: Specification of patent

In patent drafting service,While submitting the application for patent, we need to product the specification of the invention.

There are two types of specifications one is Provisional Specification and the other one is complete specification.

Provisional specification is just an outline about the specification, it can be filed, if your invention is still under development process.

This would help you to freeze the priority date of your invention. If you are going to submit a provisional specification, you need to submit just the basic information about your invention.

A complete specification must be submitted within 12 months from the date of filing a provisional specification, failing which the application would be abandoned.

This contains every single detail about the invention. The more we elaborate about the invention, more the protection we get.

Step 4: Publication by Patent Filing Agents

Once the application for a patent is submitted by the patent filing agents, the registry would publish the same within 12 to 18 months on the official website of the Intellectual Property Office. it is also called a patent office in india.

We can even expedite the process of publication by submitting form – 9, which is a request for early publication by paying the necessary fee.

Furthermore, valid reason should also be made for early publication request.


Publication- patent office in india
Examination - patent office in india

Step 5: Examination & Patent Office in India

The next step in the registration process of a patent application is Examination.

The qualified examiner of the patent office would examine your patent application and if found any deviation or defect, would issue an examination report which is technically called as First Examination Report shortly called as FER. 

We need to give our clarification by way of a reply within the stipulated time.

There may be a hearing before the respective hearing officer.   

Step 6: Grant of patent solving with our patent drafting service

Once the registry satisfies with the all the requirements, it grants the Certificate of Patent.

This certificate is valid for a period of 20 years. But every year the patent grant must be renewed by paying the necessary renewal charges.

Grant of patent - patent drawing service


patent drawing service

We are expertise in following patent drafting.

  • Software Patent
  • Chemical Patent
  • Mechanical Patent
  • Pharma Patent
  • Electrical Patent
  • Electronic Patent
  • Students Patent


patent drawing service

We are the best patent registration agent in India

We help in patent registration in getting an intellectual property right for an invention such as process manufacturing a product, particular device, a type of machinery, even a computer hardware, chemical product or medicinal drug carried out by an individual or an organization, against all the proofs related to the invention, as asked by the government.

A patent registration helps in getting an intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual or firm.

LE INTELLIGENSIA helps fill the patent application form, conduct patent search, and prepare documentation for application, submission and finally getting it registered.

Our services are available to both Indian and foreign companies for products and processes.

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