E-Commerce Privacy Policy

e commerce privacy policy

What is a privacy policy

  • Privacy policy in a website is a declaration which states how the receiving company would collect, store, utile  and secure the data that has been collected from the User. More often details that are more secret would be collected from the User by a Portal.
  • The details are like Name, Age, Address, Address proof, Credit card details, bank account etc. Hence the security and utility of those data is ensured through Privacy Policy.

"Do you know copying privacy policy is also an offence and violation of Copyright". (Privacy policy builds trust among the users of the portal)

Need of privacy policy for portal

Every Portal, not only a big e-commerce portal, now-a-days even a small portal which has got the Query Form, need to have a Privacy policy. Governments of Many countries already insisting the internet portal owners to have Privacy Policy. Further, even the Search Engines like Google or Advertisement channel providers like FB are insisting their users to have privacy policy.

Can We use copied Privacy policy

As stated in the prologue, you cannot use someone’s Privacy Policy. As privacy policy is also a copyright of the company which has drafted the same. More than that, if you use someone’s privacy policy and post it on your website, Google may struck down your website and blacklist the same. Hence it is always advisable to have a unique content for your privacy policy.

What information are collected in Portals



Date of Birth

Your Mail Id

Phone Number

Residential Address

The Credit Card Details

Social media Accounts login

The above details were collected directly from the User with his express consent. But in some other ways also the information about the User are extracted by the Portals, They are, Cookies. Though this, your Interest, your search history and many more information are collected from you without your knowledge.

What should your privacy policy have

What information are collected from the user and what is the purpose of collection of those information. How the collected information is to be utilised. In simple words, the utility of those information.

If cookies to be followed, the information about that need to be stated. Further, it should also disclose about the information that is to be collected by the cookies. Details about sharing of your primary information to others.

Governing law on Privacy Policy

  • Information Technology Rules, every organisation which collects or handles information though a portal or online, should have a privacy Policy declaration.
  • And the said information should have been published in the place (website) where information is collected.

What are sanative information as per the IT Act

Bank and card Details

User ID and Passwords

ID proof and Address Proof details

Medical Records Medical Records

Trademark Registration

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Copyright Registration

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Company Registration

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Design Registration

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Patent Registration

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MSME Registration

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