Freelancer Agreement


Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is like a Self-Employed (or) part-time business person offers some service. Not only small and medium scale business people will hire Freelancers. Even the large scale companies hire Freelancers who were domain experts. Freelancer is officially subcontracted to the Company.

What is freelance agreement?

The Freelancing Agreement endows with clear regulation related to the work that is to performed & remuneration that will be paid for the work. Before undertaking any of the service to a Company, it is essential that a contract need to be signed.

Why is Freelance agreement important

  1. Written contacts define terms : Always a well written contract is better than an Oral Agreement. When every terms are well defined then it’s always safe to travel.
  2. Enforcement made easy : If there is any deviation in performing the rights or deities of either party, it is very easy to enforce before the court of law. The written agreement will act as a conclusive proof for undertaking the responsibilities. (Eg. Non-Payment of Freelancer professional fee)
  3. On time delivery : Time… this where always issues starts. Any work is bound by time. That too specially a work which is assigned to a Freelancer, as freelancer works mostly from home, the employer does not have any control over the activities. Hence the time frame need to be incorporated in the agreement.
  4. On time Payment : As how time is more important for employer, the payment clause is important for freelancer. Most of the freelancers faces problem in payment. A written agreement will make the freelancer work safe and secure.
  5. Quality of service : One more advantage of having a written agreement is that the quality of the service can be defined in the Terms of the agreement and this will help in measuring the same.

What need to be there in Freelance agreements

Parties of the Contract

Duration of service

Date of payments

Nature of work

Confidentially and IP

Cancellation & Termination

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