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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India shortly called as the FSSAI is required for all the organisations that is involved in the food chain. Food chain includes Production of food, processing, transportation and distribution of food products. The governing law for food safety management is The Food safety & Standards Act, 2006. This has become mandatory mainly to improve the standard of food quality. Hence after the enactment of the above said act, it has become mandatory for obtaining FSSAI Certifcate for the industries in the food chain.
Food Safety Authority of India is formed in furtherance of Food safety and Standards Act, 2006.  The head office is located at Delhi and the branches are located in each states. FSSAI is under the control of Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Affairs.

Central and State FSSAI

FSSAI Licence would be granted based on the Turnover and business location of the organisation.

The basic criteria calculated for jurisdiction

Basic Registration: Organisation’s turnover less than 10 Lakh

State Registration: Organisation’s turnover from 10 lakhs to 20 Crore

Central Registration: Organisation’s turnover more than 20 crore.

Few other criteria for obtaining Central Registration

1. IF the organsaition is a Importer

2. Organisation involved in 100% Export

3. Large Manufacturer

4. Five Star Hotels

Documents required

These are the following details and documents required for the Registration

  1. Name of Director/Partner/Proprietor with Full address and contact details.
  2. ID Proof of Director/Partner/Proprietor.
  3. Address Proof of Director/Partner/Proprietor.
  4. Rental Agreement of the Company.
  5. Property tax receipt of the Company premises.
  6. Food handlers License/ Food safety Management System Plan or Certificate.
  7. List of Food Category to be Manufactured or desired to be manufactured.
  8. Machinery details such as Name and list of equipments and machinery along with the number, installed capacity and horse power.
  9. Blue print of the Office.(Layout plan of the office the processing unit showing the dimension in meters / square meters and operation wise area allocation).


  • To avoid adulteration
  • To increase food quality
  • It increases the accountability of the producers.
  • It assures the safety of the food consumers

Procedure for obtaining fssai

  1. Submission of application.
  2. submission of the above stated necessary documents.
  3. Submission of compliance report if the authority demands.
  4. Application ID is issued.
  5. Inspection of document by the authority & Grant.

Renewal process of FSSAI

Yes, there is a renewal for FSSAI certification. The validity of FSSAI Certification varies between 1 to 5 years as sought by the applicant. The renewal should be sought within 3o days from the date of expiry. The procedure for renewal is as same as that of the Registration procedure.

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