How to register a  manpower outsourcing services/manpower supply agency registration

manpower outsourcing services

How to register a  manpower outsourcing services/manpower supply agency registration

What is manpower outsourcing services

How to register a manpower outsourcing services / manpower supply agency registration

A Manpower outsourcing services is the company that supplies the contract labourers to other organizations. In India, most of the labour community’s occupation is agriculture, besides agriculture, around 50 lakh people work in the industries. 

But as there are many complex labour law-related restrictions for industries, so they prefer to hire contract workers. Hence, the demand for Manpower Agencies in India is high.

To establish an MPA company, you must obtain some licenses and registrations, such as

  •   Company Registration
  •   CLRA Registration
  •   ESI and PF
  •   GST


manpower outsourcing services

A company is an asset such as land or a house. Just like how you register land, it is mandatory to register your company. There are 5 types of company registration suits for your company in India.

Sole Proprietorship

Partnership firm

Private limited firm

One person company

 Limited liability partnership


The full form of CLRA is the Contract Labor Regulation and Abolishment Act 1970. It governs rules and regulations, especially for all the employers who employ contract labourers. 

This act includes the wages, welfare and health, medical facilities, etc. of the contract labourers.


manpower supply agency registration

The Labor Welfare Fund was established in 1936 to promote the condition of the workers. This act provides medical care, housing, children’s education etc. 

This fund is contributed by employer and employee together.


manpower supply agency registration

ESI stands for Employees State Insurance and PF stands for Provident Fund. If you are running a company with more than 10 employees, you have to obtain an ESI and PF license. 

It provides medical benefits when the employee is sick or met with an accident.


manpower supply agency registration

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is a form of indirect tax that is collected from the buyer through the seller. If you are running a manpower supply agency, you need to pay GST for the commission amount received. 

So it is necessary for every manpower supply agency to register under GST.


manpower consultancy registration


Micro, Small, Medium, and  Enterprises (MSME) or UDYAM registration is an online and paperless process which is regulated by the Office of the Development Commissioner. 

It is a one-time registration. Micro, Small, Medium, and  Enterprises are considered as the backbone of the Indian economy, so many schemes are available to small-scale businesses. 

To avail of these benefits, it is mandatory to get registered under MSME/Udyam

manpower consultancy registration

Trademark License

A Trademark Registration is mandatory for all types of goods and services. 

Trademark Registration protects your company name and brand name from being copied by any third party. 

manpower consultancy registration


ISO stands for International Organization and Standardization. This certificate is issued for the consistent quality of the company. 

Even small companies can obtain ISO certifications. This ISO certification gives credibility to customers.


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