ISO 14001

iso 14001

Importance of Environment management

Environmental management system is a process set which enables the organisation to reduce environmental impact & increases its operating efficiency. EMS is a framework that helps a organisation to achieve its environmental goals through consistent review, improvement & implementing environmental protection process.

What is ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 is a standard authorised by International Organisation for Standardisation in 1996 for implementing a standardized program for environmental operations. Implementation of ISO 14001 standard guarantees that an institution takes suitable process to diminish adverse distress of it’s activities over environment.

ISO 14001 certification make available of a tool to efficiently administer the ecological distress of an organization.

Ecological principles involved

Setting up process

Examination & corrective plans

Management evaluation

Execution of the processes

EConstant Improvement of the process

Benefits of 14001 Certification

Compliance with environmental legislation

Checking the records for quality and efficiency

Scope of Improvement & Client satisfaction Process

Adhering to Industries best quality policies

Making all department to function as per standards.

Certification Process

  • Auditor checks your systems and lets you know on the requirements of ISO standards.
  • They conduct a complete assessment and provide you the report of it.
  • The auditor checks the records and lets you know his findings and then he interviews the personnel.
  • Reviewing your documents and an internal audit is completed and then it is audited by Registrar.
  • After the rectification of the shortcomings as per the standards, the actual schedule of the audit will be provided by the assessment team.
  • Once it is given the team visits and inspects the entire facility. They conduct meetings with employees and at the end they provide a detailed report on their findings and recommendations.
  • Once every standard is met they approve the organization for the certification and they issue the 14001 certificate.

Requirements for ISO 14001

Develop environmental policy

A person for support of EMS

Spot actual & probable impacts

Spot compliance requirements

Create Environmental objectives

Monitor the progress

Review the process

Continual improvement

ISO 14001 identifies a set of EMS necessities to assist all type of organizations

Save the environment from harm

Put a full-stop to pollution

Progressing EMS performance

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