ISO Quality Audit

iso quality audit

What is Quality audit

ISO quality audit is a systematic and documentation process for obtaining audit evidences and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled. As per the ISO Standards, every organisation must conduct an Audit of their quality management system to ensure effectiveness and conformity.

Fear of Quality Audit

When you are thinking about the ISO audit what will first comes to your mind? When I was an employee in a company, the people use to fear on the Audit, and it makes them more nervous; but when you built the attitude of providing the best quality service to your client, there it will ends up the fear.

Types of Audits (internal audit and External Audit)

  • First Party Audit: It is executed within the organization in-order to compute its strengths and weaknesses on its own procedures or methods and standards adopted by the organization. The first party audit called as the internal audit conducted by auditors who are employed by the organization.
  • Second Party Audit: This is performed by auditors appointed by the Customer where the subject organisation engaged in supplying activity.  The Second party audits likely to be more formal than the first party audits as this audit results could control the customer’s decisions.
  • Third party audit: This Third Party audit is the one which is conducted by the certification body to ensure the quality procedure of the organisation which is applied for certification.

Stages of Audit

# 1: Planning the Audit Schedule

# 2: Conducting the Audit

# 1: Reporting on Audit

# 2: Follow-up on issues

steps to get better your ISO Audit

Be prepared for the Audit

Understand the seriousness

Implement corrective action

Observe objectives & Zero Error

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