Nidhi Company


What is Nidhi Limited Company

This Nidhi Limited Company is a type of Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which is Registered under Indian Companies Act, 2013 and doesn’t require RBI Licence. This Nidhi Limited Company can accept money and Lend money to its members only for their mutual benifit.

Incorporation & Governing Law

The incorporation process and procedure is as similar as that of the Limited Company. The Governing Act is Indian Comapnies Act, 2013.

Why to choose a Nidhi imited Company

It’s a Separate Legal Entity: Like Limited Company, Nidhi Limited is also a Separate Legal Entity. Hence it can acquire Property and deserve debts.

No RBI Licence required: Nidhi Limited doesn’t require any legal clearance or licence from Reserve bank of India, as this doesnot deal with non-members.

Perpetual Succession: Until the Nidhi Limited is dissolved, it will have continues existence. This is unaffected by the death or insolvency of any member..

Interest rate

There are three types of loans granted to the members

  1. Gold Loan
  2. Property Loan
  3. Other miscellaneous loans.

The maximum rate of interest shall be 7.5% against the loan amount.

Basics of Nidhi Limited Company

  1. Minimum 7 members
  2. Minimum 3 Directors
  3. The company name should end with Nidhi Limited
  4. Minimum 5,00,000/- equity paid up share Capital
  5. Nidhi Limited cannot deal with any Non-Members

Documents required for nidhi company registration

The following Documents are required for the Registration of a Nidhi Company or nidhi registration.

  • ID proof of all the members
  • Address proof of all the members
  • PAN Card of all the members
  • Rental Deed (If rented) /Sale deed (if owned)
  • EB Card / EB bill
  • Passport size photo

Procedure for Nidhi Company Registration

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