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How to quit your Job?

A. Why to Quit your Job

Before knowing how we should quit your Present Job, we should ascertain why we should quit our job. Because Natures Law is always we should look into Why first and automatically, you will get the answer for How. There are plenty of reasons for quitting our job and starting our own business but here we will see the top 7 reasons:

Reason 1: You can enjoy a great freedom

Reason 2: You will now on start working for yourself

Reason 3: Opportunity to Learn and Explore a lot

Reason 4: You can move to Financial Independence

Reason 5: You can lower you Tax

Reason 6: You can follow your Passion

Reason 7: You can escape from Rate Race

These are our own reasons. But from your end you can also post us your own reasons. 


B. Measures you must follow before quitting from a job and start a business

Set Your Goals:

If you are really wanting to quit your job and start a successful  new business, it’s important to identify your business goals, mainly before you get started. Setting goals is an essential part in choosing the exact business that your desire. If your business does not match with your personal goals, then you probably would not be happy in running the business successfully

Take care of financial commitments:

Financial Commitments like Bank Loans, Personal loans will create a mental pressure and that can push you out of the business and go back to Job. Hence set-off your debs and start your business.

Plan for other financial commitments like rent, family expenses etc. For this if you have some passive income streams, that that would support you in great way or else have sufficient financial backup for at least 1 year

Create a Business Plan:

Writing a clear business mapping would direct you in the right path. This can be used to even verify our growth. Put out a business plan before taking the task will be a key success driver. Your business plan will be something you will show to potential investors, partners, and other company stakeholders.

What are the Common Key Challenges to start your own business?

Finance: One of the biggest challenges that every entrepreneur face upon starting a new business is find out how to fund the start-up. It is not that every business needs a huge investment, but it is sure that you need finance to run the show for a longer time.

Competition: No matter how great your product or service is, but it’s a jam-packed marketplace. Without competition, there will be no innovation and without innovation, your business will become stagnant. Start-up culture is competitive, but it’s highly important to collaborate. 

Marketing: The foremost duty of every entrepreneur is that to carryout Marketing and Sales. But some start-ups assume that they can ignore the activity of Marketing and sales and thinks that word of mouth will alone be enough. But it’s completely a false assumption. We need to create our own marketing verticals in order to grow our business.

How to start your own business

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