Procedure to Start a Private Limited Company

What is a Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company is a small business which is owned and managed privately by small group of people. This entity is one of the highly recommended businesses in India especially for startups. It is registered for pre-defined objects and owned by a group of members called shareholders. The private limited company registration in India is governed by The Companies Act 2013.

Setting up a Private Limited Company is a popular way to start running a business in India.

Documents Required

Documents Required for Share Holders

  • Aadhar Card (of all the Directors)
  • PAN Card (of all the Directors)
  • Passport Size Photo (of all the Directors)
  • Savings Bank Account Statement (of all the Directors)

Documents for Place of Business (to submit after 10 Days)

  • Rental Agreement
  • EB Receipt/Property Tax Receipt

Procedure for Company Registration

Step 1: Name Approval of the Company

Step 2: Obtain Digital Signature for all the Share Holders and Directors

Step 3: Apply for Director Identification Number for all Directors

Step 4: Submission of MOA & AOA

Step 5: Issuance of Incorporation Certificate

Time Duration

The process of registering a Private Limited Company would take minimum of 20 working days

Minimum Requirements to Start a Private Limited Company

  • Minimum 2 Share Holders
  • Minimum 1 lakh of Paid-up Capital
  • An office space in India

Application form:

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