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Difference Between Trademark and Copyright Registration

Trademark is a Right granted for the Name Whereas the Copyright is a right granted for your artistic

Procedure to Start a Private Limited Company

What is a Private Limited Company? A Private Limited Company is a small business which is owned and

Trademark Renewal

What is Trademark Registration? Trademark is a Type of Intellectual property. More than 3 Lakhs of T

Trademark Rectification

Easily file a Trademark Application What is Trademark Rectification Rectification is the legal proce

Trademark Objection Handling

Why to Register your Trademark? If you Fail to Register Your Trademark, then someone will get it reg

Trademark Classification

Every Trademark Registry is following the common International NICE Classification. As per NICE Clas

Private Limited Registration

What is a Private Limited Company A company is an association of people who joint to gatherer for a

Patent Search Service

What is a patent A Patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention to the patentee by the gove


Patent and PCT system Patents are the exclusive right granted to the patentees for their invention p

Patent Drafting Service

What is Patent Drafting Patent drafting is a an important part in the patent specification submitted


What is NGO The Full Form for NGO is Non-Governmental Organisation and also called as Non-Profitable

Entrepreneurship Training in Chennai

How to quit your Job? A. Why to Quit your Job Before knowing how we should quit your Present Job, we

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