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Registration in India

What is product barcode registration?

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barcode registration in Chennai or India is a type of registration which is used in all industry.

The barcode readable machine can easily read the barcode Image which consists of  Black  Bars with spaces of different widths.

The bars could be either 12 or 13 depending upon the country.

how to get barcode for product in India: To get that unique barcode you should register with the corresponding details. 

When the image is scanned by the Barcode Scanner machine it will validate the monitor of the Product and show the details in the Connected system’s monitor.

No product (or company) information is contained in a barcode.

A barcode is simply a unique sequence of digits. Your barcode will only become connected to your product barcode registration when it is put into a database or a retailer’s inventory system.

The sequence of  long digital numbers, that is the bars with the space is known as the Barcodes. Your barcode will never expire – you have it for life, and can continue using it for as long as you need to.

In the early 1970’s  George J. Laurer in the USA designed the 12 digit Barcode first. Afterwards he designed the 13 digit barcode for the international usage(out of USA)

Why should you go for Barcode Registration?

Why should you go for barcode registration in Chennai / india ?

Most of the Retail Shops started using BARCODE. If you want to sell your products in Retail stores, We would suggest you to go with the Barcode Registration. The barcodes will work Internationally. So you can sell your products anywhere in the World after the product barcode registration. If you are applying a huge number of Barcode means, The barcodes will come with your Company Prefix. So that it will be easier to find out your own Products in a Store.

How far Barcode Registration Is necessary?​

How far barcode registration in Chennai / India Is necessary?

Nowadays All the works are Machinized in the modern world. So rather than entering product details in a database or monitor, You can just check all the details of the product just by a scanner.  Barcode Makes to identify your product info easily. Once you purchased  barcode you can start using your barcode by fixing the barcode image in your product. While your retailer scans the same, it will get reflected in the monitor.


How to register a barcode and the process involved in barcode registration in India.

Request letter / forwarding letter on letterhead for allocation of GS1 company prefix number.

Copy of balance sheet (relevant page in support of sales turnover) as on 31st March, 2015 or latest.

PAN card copy of Proprietor – in case of Proprietorship firm or PAN card copy of the applicant company in other cases.

gs1 barcode registration in India is registered to form duly filled and signed along with the “product classification sheet” duly encircling / highlighting the product categories being manufactured / supplied.

Status Proof of Applicant Company (Proprietorship firm – VAT Registration Certificate; Partnership firm – VAT Registration Certificate / Partnership deed; Private Limited Company/ Limited Company – Certificate of Incorporation).

How it will be unique than others?

Barcodes are Digitalized, once the product barcode registration is done with the barcodes, Legally no one can copy your own Barcodes. You will be provided an Authenticity along with the Barcode.

Who can apply Barcode registration?

Who can apply Barcode?

what are the Documents Required for barcode registration

Documents Required

  1. Applicant Company’s PAN card or proprietor’s PAN card for a proprietorship firm.
  2. Copy of audited balance sheet (FY 2016-17).
  3. Letter on company letterhead requesting barcode allotment.
  4. Proof of Status of the Applicant Company.


What are the types of Barcode?



Which consists 12 digit of codes are Known as UPC-A Barcodes. It is Used only in USA.



EAN-13 barcode numbers are 13 digits long. They are the most common type of Indian barcode number and retail products are India (as well as worldwide).



DataBar barcodes are often used to label fresh foods. These barcodes can hold information like an item’s batch number or expiry date, in addition to other attributes used at the point-of-sale such the item weight.



2D Barcodes looklike squares or rectangles which contains very small individual dots. It is widely used in industries, manufacturing and logistics and also in healthcare.



DataBar barcodes are often used to label fresh foods. These barcodes can hold information like an item’s batch number or expiry date, in addition to other attributes used at the point-of-sale such the item weight.

We have seen the barcodes in the backside of BOOKS and Greetings. Those are all commonly known as the ISBN NUMBERS.


GS1 barcode registration and DataBar Family Barcodes

DataBar barcodes are often used to label fresh foods. These barcodes can hold information like an item’s batch number or expiry date, in addition to other attributes used at the point-of-sale such the item weight.

ISSN NUMBER: For the MAGAZINES we should apply the ISSN NUMBER.

Some important thing needed for Barcode

The Documents required for the Proprietorship Firms

Barcode can be obtained easily in India by submitting the following documents along with requisite fee to GS1 India for allocation of GS1 Company Prefix to be used for barcoding of products.

The following documents must be submitted.

  • GST/VAT registration certificate
  • For Partnership Firms: GST/VAT registration certificate or partnership deed
  • For Private/Public Ltd. Company: GST/VAT registration certificate and Registrars of Companies (ROC) certificate or Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • For other entities (e.g. Registered Society, HUF etc.): GST/VAT registration certificate or Registrar of Society (ROS) certificate.
  • Cancelled cheque copy of the company

The Barcode Registration and the Formats Provided

You don’t have to be a registered company to purchase a barcode. Any individual, company or group can purchase the barcode. The standard size for EAN-13 barcode is about 38mm wide, but anything within 80% – 200% of standard size is okay.

The Barcodes are provided in the following readable formats.

  • Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • TIFF (*.tif)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • JPEG (*.jpg)
  • PDF (*.pdf)
  • Zip (*.zip)
  • Enhanced MetaFile (*.emf)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)

The smallest recommended width for an EAN-13 barcode is 30mm. Once you ordered the Barcode , you will be get the barcodes in the following readable formats.

To know about the company registration in Chennai 

EAN-13 is commonly known as European Article Number. It is often called International Article Number which contains 13-digit numbers. Primarily used in Europe, but is now mostly used in India and other countries.

Technically, barcodes are not needed on every products unless you are wholesale or large retail stores.

The EAN-13 barcode is the most widely used barcode in the world. The EAN-13 barcode encodes the GTIN-13 code and is used to identify individual products at the point of sale. It can also be used for commercial units sold to consumers.

The barcode does not contain an expiration date. However, barcodes do not contain expiration information and are therefore an inefficient and ineffective way to manage products with expiration dates.

The barcode can be copied. If it is visible, an attacker can forge it. Therefore, a different approach to data protection should be taken. Barcodes can be physically hidden until read to product it.

Containing character is depending on the barcode type, 


  • 1D barcodes can contain 20-25 characters 
  • 2D barcodes up to 2000 characters

A barcode is a technology that contains the details of a product. Only it can be read by a barcode reader.

A one-dimensional barcode is a series of alternating black and white bars encoded with a set of unique numbers.  

No, two QR codes cannot be identical. Lots of static QR codes can be created. However, the number of dynamic QR codes available.

It encrypt the product details such as prize, product name, brand name etc. which can be read and decoded by an optical scanner.

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