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Company Registration in Chennai

Whether you want to register a company or start a new business in Chennai, Chennai offers the best opportunities for all sectors.

The state government of Tamil Nadu has also taken various steps to develop business in the capital city.

When we want to start our own business, the first thing that comes to our mind is company registration. This is a basic legal requirement when starting a new self-employment business.

In this article, we look at the different types of companies and how to register them.

How many types of company registration are there in India?

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Company registration in India is broadly divided into six types

Each company can be registered as Proprietorship Firm , Partnership Company, Pvt Ltd, LLP, OBC or Public Limited. 

Since the company registration process is complex, it is a good idea to hire a company registration lawyer to register your New company registration in Chennai.

How to register a startup company in Tamilnadu

1. Sole proprietorship registration in tamilnadu

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Sole proprietorship registration in Tamil Nadu is a form of business owned and controlled by one person, called the owner.

This form of ownership is the most common in Tamil Nadu and is best suited for small startup businesses.

It is not considered a company or an organization and the owner of the business is the sole proprietor and is legally referred to as a company.

Starting and managing the business with minimum legal compliance/formality. A sole proprietorship is also not subject to any regulatory law.

Here are the major advantages of registering as a proprietary company in India.

  • Minimum legal requirements and obligations.

  • Fast solidification and easy dissolution.

  • Ease of decision making

  • Tax advantages

  • One-day registration process

How to register a Proprietorship firm

As mentioned above, there is no holding company law and therefore no legal procedure or rules for the registration of a holding company.

However, a company certificate may be required to open a current account. To comply with this requirement, you can register your company in the SME/Udyam register.

Watch the video to learn more about Udyam registration.

Documents required for online registration of a sole proprietorship in Tamil Nadu

Owner’s Aadhar card

PAN card of the owner

2. Partnership company Registration in chennai

registrar of firms chennai

Partnership firm registration is the most common and popular type of partnership in India.

A partnership is a legal entity formed for the common benefit of two or more persons.

Partnerships in India are governed by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and partnerships can be registered or unregistered.

This type of partnership is formed by all partners signing the partnership deed in the presence of two witnesses.

The partnership deed is a legal document that enables all partners to agree to the terms discussed and finalized and serves as evidence of the terms agreed upon.

The main advantage of this type of partnership is that it is easier to register and maintain than other types of companies.

Steps to follow when registering a partnership

Step 1: Draft the partnership agreement with the help of an in-house lawyer.

Step 2: The entire agreement is read and signed by all partners in the presence of two witnesses.

Step 3: For Company registration online in Chennai, Submit the company registration documents online through the Tamil Nadu State Government’s online company registration portal.

Step 4: The certificate of partnership is filed by each partner at the nearest deputy registrar’s office.

Step 5: Submit the application and obtain PAN.

Minimum requirements for partnership registration

  1. In order to obtain a PAN, an initial partnership certificate (PAN PAN) must be obtained.

  2. Minimum capital

  3. The importance of partnership

What are the benefits of registering a partnership?

  • This type of partnership is easy to set up and register.

  • Minimum legal compliance required to operate or maintain a partnership.

  • Distribution of capital among partners.

3. Private Limited Company

registrar of firms chennai

A short-lived company, usually in the form of a small business. Section 2(68) of the Companies Act 2013 defines it as a private company and provides for limited liability.

Like other listed companies, shares are not freely transferable. In this type of company all profits and liabilities belong to the company and shareholders are not liable for the company’s debts.

The main advantages of this type of company are. 

Pvt. Ltd. is an independent company and changes in directors or shareholders do not affect the profitability of the company. This type of company can receive foreign direct investment without many legal requirements. Shareholders cannot transfer their shares to third parties.

Minimum requirements for registration of company in chennai

Two Shareholders

Two Directors

One Lakh of Share capital

Office space in India


Limited Liability:

The primary advantage of this type of company is that shareholders have limited liability on loans. The term-limited liability means that when the company faces huge debt beyond the company’s assets, the personal assets of the members are not at risk.

Tax Benefits:

This type of company is more advantageous in terms of income tax than trusts and partnerships as it is entitled to reduced corporate tax. This type of company can also pay dividends to its members. In addition, they can also benefit from various tax advantages.

Attracts investors:

Every company needs capital for its business. A limited liability company makes it easier to attract investors and raise capital. A corporation or real estate company cannot attract investors. Also, with the consent of the other members, shares can be transferred to third parties, making it an easy financial scheme. A limited company can be highly solvent or can easily raise funds by selling shares.


Watch this video for more information on the benefits of Pvt Ltd.

4. Registration of an One Person Company (OPC) firm registration

firm registration in chennai

If an owner wants to convert to a private limited company, a One Person the best option

also known as OPC, as this type of company can only be created with one partner and one director. 

According to Section 2(62) of the Companies Act, a sole proprietorship is a legal entity in which only one person is a member.

This type of company was introduced by the central government through the 2013 amendment to the Indian Companies Act.

 Setting up a one-person company requires fewer formalities than other types of companies. It is relatively simple.

It combines the features of an individual owner and a company.

The company combines the features of a sole proprietorship and a partnership.


Minimum requirements for setting up a sole proprietorship Company registration

  • One Shareholder
  • One Director
  • An office in India
  • No minimum paid-in capital

Steps to register a TPO company in Chennai  

Step 1: Approval of the application for registration of the company name

Step 2: Get DSC from partner

Step 3: Obtain DIN number from ROC of director

Step 4: Prepare and submit MOA and AOA

Step 5: Issue integration certificate

Step 6: Obtain a separate PAN for the company.

5. 5: Register a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Chennai.

firm registration in chennai

5: Register a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Chennai.


Register a limited liability company. This is a type of registered company that combines the advantages of a partnership with the advantages of other companies.

Defined in 2008, LLPs were introduced by the federal government through the Joint Liability Act 2009.

The LLP system was introduced to provide a permanent form of partnership and to assist limited liability holders.

A limited partnership can be formed with a minimum of two partners. All the rights and obligations of the nominated partners are governed and maintained by the LLP agreement.

Advantages of limited liability partnership (LLP) in Chennai

Advantages of limited liability partnership (LLP) in Chennai

Being a limited liability partnership has several advantages over other types of companies. Some of these are the following.

  • Limited liability
  • The lower level of legal compliance compared to other countries 
  • Unlimited number of members
  • Ease of incorporation
  • No minimum paid-in capital

Registrar of Companies Chennai – minimum requirements

  • Two minimum Partners
  • Two minimum Designated Partners
  • Office space in India
  • No minimum paid-up Capital 

How do I register with the Registrar of Companies in Chennai?

These companies are required to be registered with the Registrar of Companies in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu. The registration is initiated with the consent and digital signature of all partners and nominee partners.

Each nominee partner is then given a unique eight-digit number called a nominee partner identification number. A Memorandum of Partnership is then issued and finally the partners submit the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement to the registration office.

6. Public Limited Company Registration

registrar of firms chennai amd company name registration in chennai

This type of company registration in India is suitable for large companies that require significant investment.

This is because such companies can raise capital by collecting deposits from the public. These companies can be both listed and unlisted.

Limited companies require a minimum of three directors and there is no limit on the maximum number of shareholders.

Significantly, the regulatory requirements are stricter than for public limited companies.

Significantly, the regulatory requirements are stricter than for public limited companies.

  • Advantages of registering as a limited company
  • Suitable for large companies
  • Permanent presence
  • Simplified share transfer
  • Possibility to be listed on the stock exchange

What are the advantages of registering a company in Chennai?

Here are the main reasons why you should register a company in Chennai before starting your business.

  • Legal requirement: company registration is a legal requirement for all businesses. Therefore, registration with the Government of India is required to legally start a new business. There are many different types of companies.

  • Opening a current account. All business transactions, whether online or by check, require a current account. To open a current account, a KYC must be filed along with the company’s balance sheet. The first source of evidence of the company’s existence is the articles of association.

  • License: To obtain a license for any business, the name of the company registered in India and proof of its activities must be submitted. The primary document that must be submitted is the MSP certificate or attestation. Therefore, in order to obtain a license on behalf of a company, the company must also be a registered company.

  • Commercial invoice/GST invoice. All company operations are now required to issue invoices to customers and suppliers. The invoice must include the company’s name and registration number. Therefore, you must be registered as a legal entity to issue invoices.


To comply with these requirements, your company must be registered in Tamil Nadu. You can find more information about the registration process on our YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

  • Requires a lot of  compliance
  • Have to maintain a register

The full form of CIN is the Corporate Identification Number. It is a 21-digit number that is provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

One person companies possess both the benefits of both sole proprietorship and partnership. It can be owned by a single person and also has liability protection.

  • one member is enough to establish a company
  • That person must be an Indian and Indian residency

No, registering your company as a LLP requires a minimum of 2 partners and 2 designated partners.

The benefits of running your own business are endless. Here are some ways to set yourself up for success.

1. Find something you are passionate about
2. Find people who share your passion
3. Create a business model
4. Test your product
5. Build a team

By submitting the form and documents to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs you can register a company.

Yes, GST is mandatory for all kinds of goods and services companies or manufacturer companies.

GST is considered as the biggest reform in India. It prevents tax evasion. GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. It is an indirect tax.

The Memorandum of Association is a full form of MOA. It is a document that gives the authority of a company. It includes many details such as the name of the company, location etc.

AOA stands for Article of Association. It includes the terms and conditions, role and duties of the Directors.

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