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What is Design Registration?

Design registration means registering a shape or design of a product which has particular uniqueness. But before that we need to understand what is the scope of design under this Design Act. As per the Design Act, Design means the followings are thereof applied to any article in ‘finished article’ appeal to & judged solely by ‘eye’.

Feature of Shape


Pattern or Ornament

line/colour/combination composition

Design of the product is the main aspect in every manufacturing business and the greatest success of your product significantly lies with its design. And the product Designs are governed by Design Act 2000 and Design Rules, 2001.

Designs that cannot be registered

Clothing / Labels

Buildings & Construction Structures

Part of an articles

Flags and Symbols

Layout Design

Shape of existing Design

What is the process for Design Registration

process for Design Registration

What are the advantages of Design Registration?

  • Registration gives a unique identity to your product.
  • This registration acts as a Unique Selling Point.
  • This Registration Protects the Owner against copying the design by unauthorized users.
  • Design patent Registration adds value to the product in the market.
  • Can sue the infringer and can claim appropriate damages.

How long design registration is valid?

The total period of validity of a Registered Design is 15 years from the date of applying for Registration. The registration is initially valid for a term of 10 years and can be renewed for an additional period of 5 years.

Documents required for Design Registration

It also includes television broadcasts, industrial designs, graphic designs and even ideas which are substantive can be registered under Copyright. Copyright gives protection to the author of the work, by giving him monopoly rights for the creation of his work, to have a control on his work and benefit him.



Product Photos in various angle

Difference between Design and Copyright

It is obvious that there may be a huge confusion.
SUBJECT MATTER OF PROTECTION Protects the shape of finished goods Copyright Protects the Artistic, Literary, Musical and Cinimotographic work
ORIGIN OF RIGHT Design Right arises through a proper Registration Process Copyright is an automatic right.
VALIDITY 15 years from the date of filing Lifetime of the Author + 60 years

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