GST Registration


What is GST

GST is named as the biggest Tax reform in India after Independence.  The full form of GST is Goods and Service Tax. This is a type of Indirect tax which was introduced on 2017 for the purpose to amalgamate all the indirect taxes. The entre GST System is  operated through online only.  The saline feature of the GST is that, it’s a destination based tax system. Before going into detail, we will understand what is Direct and Indirect Tax system.

What is Direct and Indirect Taxation: Before that what is TAX? Tax is a amount that we pay to the government in order to enable the Government to meet out the public expenses.
How to Pay the Government: We pay in two ways, directly by way of Income tax or Property Tax etc and secondly indirectly by way of GST and few other taxations.

Who should register for GST

Annual turnover crosses 40 Lakhs

Who involves in inter-state trade

Who supplies through E-Commerce

Casual Taxable Person

What are the documents required for GST Registration

The documents varies based on its constitution.

Proprietorship Firm

PAN Card & Address Proof

Photo of the Proprietor

Rental Deed of Commercial Property

EB Card/ Electricity Bill


Address proof of the partners

EB Card/ Electricity Bill

Photo of the Partners

Commercial Property Rental Deed

Partnership Deed & Frim PAN Card

Authorisation letter and One partner

Private Limited Company


Board of Director's resolution

EB Card/ Electricity Bill

Incorporation Certificate & Company PAN

ID Proof & Address Proof of the Directors

Digital Signature & Commercial Property Rental Deed

How to Register GST

Step 1: Submit your PAN Number and other basic details

Step 2: Generate TRN Number

Step 3: Login using TRN with OTP

Step 4: Submit your business & Personal Information

Step 5: Upload the documents

Step 6: Submit the forms

Step 7: if any deviation, comply the same

Step 8: Generate GST Number.

GST Turnover limit

S.No Threshold Limits Supply
1 Exceeds Rs.40 lakh Supply of Goods
2 Exceeds Rs.20 lakh Supply of Service
There is a direct penalty As per Section 122 of the CGST act, for all those taxable persons who fail to register themselves under GST.

GST Number

GST consists of 15 digits. Out of that, the first 2 digits indicates the State Code. The next 10 digit is your PAN Number. The 13th digit of the GST number indicates the number of registrations as a business entity has within a state for the same PAN. . 14th Digit is a default character ‘Z’. The last 2 will be a check code which will be used for detection of errors.

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