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What is a Patent Drafting?

Patent drafting is a an important part in the patent specification submitted with patent application.

The draft of the specification is a description of the invention made in a manner as a legal content of the invention instead of mere statements or paragraphs of explanations.

Our patent professionals are working in this platform for more than ten years of experience but not limited to specification drafting but also pre grant / post grant opposition, agreement drafting, replying to office actions etc.

Drafting of Patent Compete Specification

The Drafting of the Patent Compete Specification is the important process in patent drafting. There are so many of the differences between the complete specification and the provisional specification. It is not mandatory to explain the invention particularly and completely in the case of the provisional specification whereas the complete specification must describe the whole invention particularly and the manner in which the invention has to be performed.

What are the inputs that are required for drafting a Specification?

Drawing- The drawings which is one of the main input must be transparent, clan and line drawings only allowed

Short description by inventors own words- here the inventor need to explain the concept in his own words

Background of the invention or history- The inventor is required to furnish the problems associated in the previous technology, precious inventions or previous process or method and disadvantages in the technology

Invention execution procedure- The inventor needs to explain the step by step process involved in the invention if applicable. He/ She can provide flow chart and other materials

Process or working principle- The inventor is asked to give details about the invention working principle in a clear format including working procedure, if it is a scientific invention belongs to a particular department then particular parameters associated with the technology need to be added advantage.

Difference between the invention and prior products or process– The inventor is asked to produce a chart to furnish the problems associated in the previous technology, precious inventions or previous process or method and disadvantages in the technology against your invention

Advantages- This is a detail which is available in your invention which is a advancement in the technology

Applications- The applications of the invention desires the usage of the invention in various purposes and it makes the border to your invention.

Elements of Complete Specification

  • Field of invention– This is area of the invention belongs to.
  • Background of the invention– This section is an overview of the prior technology or previous inventions, prior patents and its problem arguments.
  • Object of the invention The aim of the invention or objective of the invention
  • Summary of the invention- A short description of the invention
  • Detailed description of the drawings- The details about the drawings associated with the invention which includes the positions, part numbers, names, views, block diagrams, flow charts, graphs, etc.
  • Detailed description of the invention- The detailed description part is the clear execution of the invention with respect to the drawings (if applicable) including architecture, assembly, construction and working procedure describing and ascertaining the nature of this invention and the manner in which it is to be performed.
  • Claims- The important part in the patent specification is claims. It defines the scope of the invention where the protection of t he invention is sought. So if a mere statement of the invention is written in claims, then the invention may fall outdated. Therefore appointing a patent professionals like patent agents, patent attorneys, patent engineers essential for drafting services.
  • Abstract- It is the overview of the invention containing important points of the invention and it s a short description of the whole invention
  • Drawings- Patent related drawing must contain clear illustrations, multiple views, transparently like a line drawing including part numbers and names etc.

Role of a Patent Agent

Here the patent professional is the registered patent agent or the patent attorney or a patent engineer who is preparing the necessary paper works for obtaining the patent and prosecuting the patent applications and taking actions to the file opposition proceedings and the enforcements of the file opposition proceedings, replying necessary patent office actions etc. Thus the role of a patent agent is essential.

Important deadlines in patent?

The patent obtaining procedure includes more and complicated prosecuting stages at every interval. The applicants need to take a note of important deadline while applying for a patent, further the applicants need to track the status of their patent applications regularly for any issuance of office actions like examination reports, granting the patent application or publication or oppositions etc.

Do you need a Physical product to apply for Patent Registration?

For a clarification purpose physical product may be required invention, such model or sample as he may be required to submitted if required, but such model or sample shall not be deemed to form part of the specification.

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