E-Commerce Website Terms and Conditions

e commerce wen terms and condition

What is e-commerce Portal

It is the market place where it offers people to buy & sell products/services via internet. Ecommerce is single store where buyer can buy brands relating to many products belonging to many brands at a single place. (The terms and conditions of the Ecommerce portal is also known as Terms of the usage agreement or terms and conditions of  the website  or the agreement of the website or the internet agreement)

What is Ecommerce portal terms and conditions

A general terms and conditions relating to  physical purchase is something which governs the contractual relationship between the buyer and the seller.

But where as the E-Commerce Terms and conditions is some things which governs the relationship between the user and the portal company, the conditions in using the portal, proviso for sale etc.

The website terms and conditions is a binding agreement between the e-commerce company and the buyer/user. By just clicking the accept button, the user accepts the portal’s terms and conditions.

6 elements of a e-commerce portal terms

  1. Describes the product or service: The introductory para describes the products or services that is offered by the portal, this makes the user understands the services offered by the portal.
  2. Payment mode: Here the portal management clearly explains the payment mode. Whether Cash On Delivery is offered or not; EMI options, Credit card usage.
  3. Delivery of goods: Delivery includes days of delivery, further consequences of delayed delivery, mode of delivery. Further it will also clearly say about the delay in delivery because of natural calamities.
  4. Return of goods: As these purchase was made just viewing the products online, there is always a chance of misunderstanding or misrepresentation, hence many of the e-commerce portals offer the rights of return of goods by the user. At the same time, the conditions for return of goods should also be mentioned properly to avoid redundant returns. It should also state about the Refund and Replace of the goods.
  5. Ownership of intellectual property: As the products of various companies are dealt with, the portal must ensure the ownership of the Intellectual property to the manufacturer. Further the Portal should safeguard its own interest against false copyright by the manufacturer.
  6. Warranty: The portal must expressly state the warranty provisions. Further it should also state the responsibility of the portal over the warrant on goods sold.

Need of Terms in E-Commerce Portal

  • This Terms and conditions acts as the binding agreement between the buyer and the portal.
  • It makes the user understand the conditions of sale.
  • This protects the portal’s interest form unnecessary litigations before Consumer forum.
  • Avoids dispute between the user and the portal, so this helps in retention of customers.
  • A crystal terms and conditions creates a trust among the customers over the portal.

E-Commerce T&C Drafting


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