ISO 27001

iso 27001

What is ISMS

Information is most valuable assert of an Organization. ISO 27001 is a process primarily focusing on security & protection of management Info. 27001 is a new international standard which deals with information security & requires to establish a security control on Organization’s info.

Information Security-Fine Points

CONFIDENTIALITY by providing accessibility of data only to authorized persons.

INTEGRITY by declaring that the information is accurate.

AVAILABILITY of information when required.

Is Information Security Needed?

The secrecy, veracity, and accessibility of important business and client details are required to be maintained like the Company data, Employee details, Research data, Price lists and Tender documents. These must be managed and secured efficiently.

Assurance of 27001

ISO 27001 covers all permissible documents to maintain the confidentiality & security of valuable data such as company trade secrets, process or Intellectual know how, client details & other essential data about company & clients which is actually ISMS.


Market enhance due to companies optimistic influence

The Organizational values and all of its investments.

Enhances the confidence of the appropriate client.

Enhancement of Security awareness in the Organization.

Safeguarding the information which assures appropriately

Brings organization to comply with statutory requirements

Process of Obtaining ISO 27001

  • Identifying the controls and outlining the standards for the Information Security.
  • It depends on the organization to lay out the process and procedures to secure the information.
  • The information security starts from the entry point of the organization to each and every department of the organization and also to every level of the employees.
  • Opting for security measures and the physical and environmental safety of the business is maintained.

To whom it applies

All Industrial & Service Sector

All Public and Government Sector

All IT, health and Educational Sector

Any type of MSME

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